The purpose of these blogs is give you a number of ideas and exercises to improve your own experience as a male escort, while at the same time improving the experience you offer your clients.

Last month we explored your mood, helping you have more choice over how to be in the best mood for yourself and your client.

This month we look at rapport. What it is, when you need it, when you don’t, and how you get it.

This month’s routine

Rapport is when you open a two way communication channel. This means you’re open to communication from each other.

At the beginning of your booking it’s normally useful to establish rapport quickly. The easiest way to establish rapport is to think through in advance what you both have in common, imagine that the booking will go well and you’ll both have really great time, and start with an open attitude.

Watch and listen to other people who do it really well.

To help the process you may want to match an aspect of your client’s body language, be aware of the speed they speak and speak at a similar speed, and occasionally use the same words. Smile!

These are all natural processes. Less is often more and the art is to be totally natural in what you do. Enjoy yourself!

Most people enjoy being in rapport and you can use rapport to encourage the behaviour you want in your client. When the booking is  going well increase your rapport, if they start behaving in a way that’s likely to ruin the booking, break it. Wait a few seconds and then establish it again.

When done sparingly the skill of occasionally breaking rapport can add a sparkle to the booking. Just remember to re-establish it again. A playful, slightly mischievous mood can help significantly.

This month’s exercises

While powerful, all the skills that we are exploring in this blog series are dependent on who you are and the context you’re in. The best way to become really good at them is through continual practice. Allocate 15 minutes every day for two weeks to spend time practising these exercises. Find out what works for you and become more aware of how what you do has an impact on others. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

1) Practise naturally getting into rapport. Watch a stranger who is, say 20 feet away, and naturally match their physiology and (if possible) breathing for a few seconds. Check in to notice how you’re feeling. Do they notice?

2) To encourage rapport in meetings think about what you have in common with the person you’re meeting. Start with what you both agree on, rather than where you are likely to disagree. Often imagining that you already have rapport will be highly self fulfilling, and will lead to achieving a high level of rapport!

3) If you are about to have a particularly difficult meeting, take a moment beforehand and imagine you are the other person, sitting in their posture. Thinking through eyes of the other person, what could you both do to improve the situation?

Practising these exercises, taking time to prepare, and relaxing will ensure you and your client both have an enjoyable time, and you can feel satisfied with your success as a male escort.

NLP_Michael is an 1:1 NLP Trainer and Business Coach who runs the NLP CD and DVD store NLP Resources.

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